Vacation Bible School


Ages: Graduated K5 thru 7th grade!!

July 15 through 17, 2021

Schedule:  Thurs & Fri.  5:45pm - 8:00pm, and finale  Saturday  9 am - 1pm

Thursday night begins with the opening ceremony and overview of what the children can expect with fun music.  Parents are encouraged to attend as well to learn about what they will be learning during VBS.  A light snack will be served to the children each evening during the VBS schedule.

Thursday and Friday Schedule: Each VBS night starts at 5:45 pm. Each evening the children will encounter Jesus through stories, fun music,Bible study and digging for the truth in God's Word. They will do crafts, and recreational activities. The day's activities will close at 8:00 p.m. Thursday and Friday.  All parents are to meet their children each night in the parking lot and go through the VBS Teachers/Helpers to release them. Due to security factors, we will need to verify you are in fact the parents or family authorized for that child in order to release any child. 

Saturday 9 am. to 1pm. It is the final bible study and finale as we wrap up the messages we learned about for this VBS.  We will have a closing presentation with the children singing, then children will be able to go outsided to just have supervised fun on the grounds.  Burgers and drinks will be available.   Parents are encouraged to attend Saturday's activities, as the children will want to sing to you and you can then join in on the treats yourselves afterward.